Made in Senegal



DIARRABEL,  formerly known as MINT was launched in 2013 during New York Fashion Week and quickly became a Street Style favorite. For the next 5 years, we evolved into a modern ready to wear brand with a clear ethos focused on versatility, african prints and sustainability. We focus on local manufacturing in Dakar, Senegal with the mission to empower local artisan communities while incorporating their traditional techniques and savoir-faire. 


Our team is what makes us strong. We are creators, tailors, seamstresses, artists, models, photographers, makers, painters, musicians and most importantly dreamers. In our small Dakar workshop, where the entire production takes place, we cultivate a culture of love and kindness through every garment we make with the purpose to showcase to the world our best version of what 'Made in Africa' represents. To us, it is synonymous with 'Made with love, kindness, intentionality and integrity and that's our philosophy.


Our brand was born in this beautiful city of oxymoronic aesthetics where our history and culture reinforce a sense of pride and identity as African changemakers. Home of the late poet Leopold Sedar Senghor and film director Ousmane Sembene, this is a city of artistic expression and boundless magic and we are very proud to share it with the world. Dakar is our home, our first love and our forever muse. We hope you will fall in love with it just as we did.


Diarra Bousso is a Designer and Mathematics Educator born and raised in Dakar, Senegal. She began her professional career on Wall Street as a bond trader but decided to resign two years later to follow her passion in Arts and Design. She launched the Dakar Boutique fashion house in 2013 as part of Dakar's vibrant creative community, alongside its various labels. Diarra has showcased her collections during New York and Paris Fashion weeksShe is a strong activist for the global celebration of African art and craftsmanship and represents Senegal at the United Nations' new platform for art and heritage. Diarra completed her Master's degree in Mathematics Education at Stanford University and channels her passion for Math and Arts to foster creative mathematics and diversity in Sillicon Valley. The company is currently operated by her team in Senegal.